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Hello, my name is Barbara Mason and if you're interested in starting your own business, there are many resources available in this blog. You'll learn about start-up costs, securing inventory, hiring employees and customer relations. You'll also learn information about the legal aspects of owning a business, such as registering your business name and obtaining business permits and a license. I don't own my own business, but my sister does and that's why I'm so familiar with the aspects of starting a business. I helped my sister get everything in order before she opened her doors for business and there was a lot to do. Many people want to start their own business and I wanted to make it easier for everyone by writing this blog. I hope that after reading this information, it will help you to have a successful grand opening too.


Lease Terms & Volume Are 2 Leading Factors When Renting A Copier

1 December 2017
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A copier can be a very expensive piece of equipment. If your small business has large copying needs but not a large budget to invest in a copier, you can take care of both of these needs by leasing a copier. This will provide you access to the equipment you need without breaking your budget. When you rent a copier, the lease terms and the volume of paper you need to copy should be the two leading factors that you take into consideration. Read More …

Why Your Golf Course’s Sprinkler System Should Feature Timers And Controllers

20 November 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

As a golf course owner, you have a responsibility to keep your grass and gardens healthy throughout the year. Otherwise, your golfing guests are bound to visit more lush courses that have more eye appeal and offer more comfort than your facility does. Incorporating timers and controllers into your sprinkler system can make the job of caring for your property easy and stress-free. Following are a few good reasons to consider investing in sprinkler timers and controllers: Read More …

Taking Out Your Pressure Washer To Clean The Driveway? A Few Other Tasks You Should Do When You Are Finished

26 October 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have decided your driveway is in need of a good cleaning, you may have made plans to dig out the pressure washer and take care of it on your next day off. While you have the equipment out and running, take a look around your home and yard. Here are a few other chores you can tackle with your pressure washer. Grill and Barbecue Equipment While cooking outside keeps your kitchen clean, it creates a sticky, dirty mess of your grill and barbecue equipment. Read More …

3 Steps You Can Take To Overcome Unemployment And Find A Job You’ll Enjoy

21 October 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Are you tired of not having a job? You may have applied to different jobs, but haven't received calls from anyone yet. If you'd like to find employment fast, you'll need to identify some of your strengths and focus on taking certain steps that will help you find the kind of work you'd love to do. Identify What You're Good at Doing Make a list of the things you're good at doing. Read More …

Understanding Submersible Pump Drawbacks

20 September 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have a water well on your property that requires a new pump, then you may want to make the easy choice and pick a submersible variety. These pumps are the most common and they are often made specifically for use in wells. However, you have the option of choosing a non-submersible or a jet pump as well. To help you understand some of the reasons why you may want one of these pumps over a submersible variety, find out about some submersible pump drawbacks. Read More …