Why You Should Never Try To Pierce Your Ear At Home

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Why You Should Never Try To Pierce Your Ear At Home

22 November 2022
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Ear piercing, especially anything other than lobe piercings, used to be quite a rebellious statement that teens and young adults would have to get done outside a professional setting. Things like cartilage piercings would draw a lot of surprised looks when out in public and could get you into quite a bit of trouble. Nowadays, there are no such taboos over ear piercings of any kind, which is why the need for doing them at home has pretty much evaporated, however, many people still do it in a residential setting because of how easy and fun it can look. The truth is that this is quite dangerous, and here are a few reasons why you should never get it done at home and always go to a professional. 

Wrong Position

If you are getting your ear pierced at home, it is very likely that the person doing it, either your friend or family member, is not an expert and will have slightly wobbly hands. The last thing you want is an uneven piercing that is in a completely different spot across your ears. This can be very hard to cover up and can take weeks (or longer) to properly heal. If you want your ears to look even from the very first time you put your near earrings in, then you should always trust a professional.


Your ears are quite sensitive areas, and if you are not careful, you can absolutely cause an environment where your ear gets a bad infection due to an unhygienic environment. Even if you ensure the piercing implement is sanitized, if you don't give your ear proper aftercare, then it can still get badly infected and require a visit to a doctor for antibiotics and monitoring. That is the last thing you want, and can completely derail your day-to-day schedule for weeks.

Quick And Easy

Using a professional is not just better because they can do it more evenly, safer, and with a varying number of different sizes and placements, but also because they are so quick at what they do. You will be in and out within an hour most of the time, and generally even less than that. The whole piercing process takes seconds for a professional, and most of the other time is spent choosing the perfect earrings for whatever piercing you get, whether that be cartilage piercing, helix piercing, or a simple and traditional lobe piercing. 

For more information, reach out to an ear piercing service near you.