Two Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit With Climate Control

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Two Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit With Climate Control

18 February 2022
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If you are moving or have found yourself in a position where you need to downsize some of the items in your home to make space, then you may be looking for storage options in your area. When making a choice on the type of unit you should rent, you may be focused on the size of the unit as well as the terms of the rental. 

However, along with the size, you should also see which facilities offer climate-controlled units. There are a couple of benefits that you will find when you decide to opt for a storage unit that features climate control.

1.  Even Temperature Within the Unit Help to Reduce the Production of Excess Moisture

One benefit of storing your possessions in a unit that has climate control is that the temperature inside is kept at a consistent reading. Without climate control, the air within the unit will go up and down, which will lead to the formation of condensation. If you have any electronics, delicate furniture, or even clothes, uneven, changing temperatures can lead to damage.

However, when the unit has climate controls, the temperature and humidity levels will remain constant. This helps to significantly reduce the amount of excess moisture that forms, keeping your possessions safe from damage caused by condensation.

2.  Extra Insulation and Thicker Walls Help to Decrease Contamination from Outdoor Dust

Another advantage that comes from leasing a storage unit with climate controls is that it often has extra insulation and thicker walls to reduce the cost of keeping the air inside of the unit temperate. Thanks to these features, an additional benefit is that it helps to reduce contamination from outdoor dust.

With a standard unit, there are often openings that allow dust to enter and land on your stored items. Not only does this lead to you needing to clean them when you take them out, but the dust could also damage any electronics or appliance you have stores. You will not have to worry about these problems if the unit has climate control.

Especially if you have antique furniture, electronics, and other delicate items that you wish to store, a unit that has climate control as part of its features can help protect your possessions from damage caused by excess moisture and dust contamination that can occur in standard units that do not have temperature and humidity controls. For more information about the benefits as well as to learn about available options, contact a facility in your area that offers climate control storage space.

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