Why UV Flatbed Printers Are Sometimes Chosen For Greater Efficiency

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Why UV Flatbed Printers Are Sometimes Chosen For Greater Efficiency

11 November 2021
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If you are simply going to print on a normal sheet of paper, a conventional printer might suffice. However, if you are going to print a large number of copies or if you are going to print on a variety of surfaces, a UV flatbed printer might be your only option.

Greater Versatility With a UV Flatbed Printer

With the best UV printers, you will be able to save money on ink and print in an eco-friendly way because the printer is able to control every single drop of ink that is applied to the paper. By having more ink control, you will also have better quality prints that will have a much more vibrant color. By using this machinery, you can create all sorts of interesting prints such as prints that have a specific texture, prints that are glossy, and prints that have minimal graininess. 

One reason why UV flatbed printers are so efficient is that they use an ionizer that uses static electricity to improve the machinery's durability and reliability.

More Productivity With Less Maintenance

Normal printers can be a hassle to use because they will often break down and need maintenance. However, a UV flatbed printer can print continuously with little or no need for maintenance. This helps improve the productivity of your company and can more than justify the cost of purchasing the printer. 

A UV flatbed printer is more efficient because of its ability to immediately detect the thickness of the paper and adjust accordingly. This allows for the printer to print on a variety of mediums including plastic and wood. Therefore, if you would like to create a specific type of sign and move away from printer, a UV flatbed printer is one way to go.

Several Types of UV Flatbed Printers to Choose From

There are a variety of different types of UV printers to choose from. Some are designed to have a much lower footprint. Other printers are designed to print at a much higher capacity. If you're not sure if the printers will be able to meet your needs, it's best to contact the company and request a consultation.

If you are not sure if this is the right type of printer for you, you could always lease the printer and make a purchase later if you find that the printer improves your productivity. To learn more, contact a company like DigiTech USA.