Temp Tags For Privately Purchased Used Cars And What To Know

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Temp Tags For Privately Purchased Used Cars And What To Know

14 June 2021
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When you begin the process of buying a car from a private owner, the option of using a temp tag may come up. Temp tags are a standard for many car dealerships. The tags are used to prove that you are the owner of the car. Before you choose to move forward with using a temp tag on a car you are purchasing from a private buyer, there are a few things you need to know.

Requesting Temp Tags

You will need to request temp tags for your car purchase from your local county tag office. The office will require several things from you. The first is the title of the car. You must show that the car is now in your name. In some counties, this can include a process of having the title signed in front of a notary and producing not only the title but also the bill of sale. Once you have this paperwork, you can apply for the temp tags. Keep in mind, each state is different regarding how long the temp tags last. Your county will inform you how long you have before the temporary tag runs out and permanent tags are required.

Requirements for Temp Tags

One aspect to keep in mind with the private purchase of the car is that you must have a tag to legally drive the car. You may have the initial thought to use a tag from another car. This can cause several legal problems if you are pulled over at a traffic stop or for speeding. You can also be charged with driving without a tag or without the proper tag. For this reason, you must have either temp tags or a tag that has been transferred to the new car. You cannot drive without tags. 

Cost of Temp Tags

The cost of the temp tags will be different depending on your location and the county or state rules. In most cases, the temporary tags are a fraction of the cost of the permanent tag for your car. Part of the reason for this low cost is due to the temporary tags not having a long time frame of use. For example, some areas may only allow you one week before the tag expires. Other areas may give less time or more time depending on their local rulings. If you are unsure of the cost, contact your local county tag office for full fees and information. 

When you are ready to move forward with your purchase, contact your local tag and probate office. They can help you with the proper process to obtain the temp tags you need for the purchase. They can also answer questions you have regarding your specific car purchase and any other key pieces of paperwork or information you need.