Things You Should Know When Replacing Your Residential Water Well Pump

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Things You Should Know When Replacing Your Residential Water Well Pump

3 May 2021
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The water well on your property may be the only source of water you have, and if you are not getting good flow from it, there are some potential problems that you might need to consider. Water well pumps that sit down in the well can stop working, the well could be running low on water, or there could be other issues, but a residential water well pump service company is often the best place to call for help.

Well Pump Condition

Water well pumps are installed in the base of your well in most cases and are designed to push the water up from the bottom of the well and fill a pressure tank in your house. The tank then provides water pressure to the fixtures without requiring the well pump to run every time the faucet is turned on or the toilet is flushed. 

Eventually, the pressure in the tank will fall, and the pump will come on to refill the tank with water, but if that is not happening, you may have a problem with the water well pump. You may need to have a professional service diagnose the issue for you. Sometimes the water well pump is just getting old and is in need of replacement, but other times there can be things going on in the well that are causing the pump to struggle. 

Well Inspection

Often, a water well pump service will start with an inspection of the well using a fiberoptic camera that the well tech can send down the well to look for problems. If there is a problem with the well, the technician will see it right away. 

A well that is filling with sand or that has a deficient water level can be a problem because the water may not be reaching the pump, or the sand could be blocking the inlet ports of the pump and causing the loss of function. The water level in the well may cover the pump, but the flow may be so low that as soon as the pump starts, it drains the well entirely. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. You need to get a well drilling company involved to fix it. 

Replacing The Pump

If the water well pump is just not doing the job it should, the tech will most likely need to replace it for you. The old pump is pulled out of the well, and a new pump is positioned in its place. The job can take a couple of days to complete, but the system should operate normally once the new pump is in place. 

You may want to ask the tech if you could use a larger pump to increase the flow of water if there is plenty in the well.