The Three Typical Features Of Infinity Pools

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The Three Typical Features Of Infinity Pools

26 March 2021
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From the city skylines in Tokyo to the open ocean views from the seaside in Costa Rica, you can find infinity pools highlighting some of the most gorgeous locations These pools have made a name for themselves because they tend to show up in some of the most high-end hotels. However, these endless pools are not limited to only luxury commercial installations.

If you have a prime view you would like to highlight on your property, an infinity pool could be one of the best investments you ever make. But what exactly makes an infinity pool, and, how does this pool differ from any other? Take a look at the three typical features of these impressive architectural wonders. 

1. Infinity pools blend in with the natural view

If your property has an amazing view that you don't necessarily want to impede with the addition of a pool, an infinity pool can be a good option. These pools are designed by highly skilled professionals who make it a point to blend the pool in with the surrounding environment. Instead of having a pool in the environment, the end result is a body of water that seems to enhance, reflect, or even highlight the view in the area. 

2. Infinity pools have no disrupting edges, walls, or borders

Part of the allure of infinity pools is having contained water with no clear boundary between that water line and the rest of the landscape or view, as noted above. In order to achieve this seamless appearance, the pools will usually have at least one major retaining wall that seems to be invisible. This air of seamlessness is created by keeping the retaining wall low profile and the water level right in line with the edge. This unique design works well for pools perched on a slight hill, steep incline, or even atop a building. 

3. Infinity pools have efficient overflow catch systems

Because the endless pool has at least one primary side where the water doesn't have a tall boundary for containment, overflow is possible and common. However, this overflowing water that may spill from the pool does not go to waste. Endless pools are implemented with a water-catch system that captures any spillover and cycles it back through the pool's pump and filtration system. With a traditional pool, water that gets splashed out of the basin is pretty much just a loss.