Golf Club Memberships Could Be a Great Perk for Your Executive Team

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Golf Club Memberships Could Be a Great Perk for Your Executive Team

22 January 2021
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Do you work in a particularly competitive industry where you are always trying to pull in the best talent before your competition does? If so, you may be interested in offering additional perks for your executive team and other company leaders. If you've already offered a high starting salary, great health benefits, and other essentials, you might be looking for additional ways to spruce up your offer package. To that end, perhaps you could start purchasing a golf club membership at the local private club for every new leader you hire. Here's why this makes sense from a recruiting and also a business standpoint.

Country Club Memberships Are Often in Demand in the Business World

Not every businessman or woman is a golfer, and yet, play a round of golf, and you'll likely run into a very large percentage of business executives. Golf is a popular sport in the business world, and if you are on the cutting edge of your industry, you are likely going to attract talent that is interested in the game. Country club memberships are often viewed as an elite perk and could be the difference between closing the deal with a new recruit and failing to do so, assuming the rest of the benefits package is similar.

A Private Club Is a Great Way to Impress Clients

Once you have a golf or country club membership purchased for every top executive, your entire team will be able to take any client you want out for a trip to the links or any other part of the club. If you want to impress a client by letting them know that you'll go the extra mile for them, a trip to the local private golf club is a good way to start.

Your Memberships Might Pay for Themselves Over Time

Whether you are golfing with clients or just networking with other business people in your industry, you may soon find that the cost of country club memberships for your entire team pays for itself and then some. The golf course can be the perfect place to have a relaxed negotiation or build rapport with a potential business partner before you decide to head back to the office and sign on the dotted line. Think of the membership charges as an investment that will pay dividends to your company as time goes on and you seal more and more deals out on the links.