Why You Should Always Get Your Paper Cores Custom Made

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Why You Should Always Get Your Paper Cores Custom Made

5 November 2020
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Paper cores allow many people to transport and sell everything from wire to toilet paper, without the worry that their products will unravel and become useless by the time they arrive at the destination. Many companies, however, currently bulk buy paper cores that are not custom-fitted to their requirements. While this might make financial sense when you are a small business and without a lot of demand, but as you grow you will need to get your paper cores custom made. Here are three reasons why getting paper cores custom made is so important.

Save On Transport Costs

Because you can get the exact sized paper cores that you need. you can now reduce your shipping costs considerably. While before you might have had awkward edges of your paper core sticking out, now there is more room for additional products with a more closely-packed core. While this might not seem like a big deal, over the course of a year it could end up being several dozen, if not more, packages saved and extra money in your pocket. Sometimes the switch to personalized paper cores is covered by the money you save in shipping alone!

Better Support

If you are transporting or selling something like paper towels or cloth, or any other sort of fragile material, then the last thing you want is for it to get damaged in transport. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility if your paper cores are not designed with your specific product in mind. Mass-produced cores can be too weak for your actual needs and become prone to crumbling after a few hours. This can lead to a huge financial hit, as you have to throw out more and more of your product because it has unraveled before it could get to your customer.

Dual Purpose

Paper cores are not just useful for wrapping your products around the outside, but can also be used to store items on the inside. After all, paper cores are generally made of cardboard, which is the same as the shipping tubes you probably already use. Instead, get a few paper cores to use for documents, design plans, or other, paper-based documents that you don't want to be ripped or torn in transport. If you customize your paper cores, you can choose the thickness of the paper, which gives you more options as it will be able to survive for longer while carrying products!