How To Safely Store China

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How To Safely Store China

9 October 2019
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When you have an amazing china set but don't have anywhere to put it, you don't have to necessarily get rid of it. If you need to store your china, along with other belongings, you could rent a self-storage facility. When doing so, you'll need to pack your china in the right way. 

Clean Your China

Before you store your china in a self-storage unit, you'll want to clean it. Otherwise, the dirt, dust, and debris that coat the china will cause it to deteriorate. The contaminants found on the china will cause scratches and other forms of damage. 

Store in the Appropriate Container

Figure out how you will store your china. The worst way to store it is in a cardboard box where the china can easily become damaged. Instead, you should consider storing your china in a large, plastic container that seals the china from the outside world. Also make sure to add padding so that the china isn't damaged. There are also microfiber china cases meant specifically for storing china. 

You will not want the dishes to be close together because they will trap moisture in-between them. Instead, you will want to use acid-free separators to protect your dishes. There are some sheets that use acid that can wear down your china. Also, do not use newspapers to protect your china, since the ink used to print on the newspapers can bleed and stain.

Label Your Container

Make sure to label what is in your box, and note that it is fragile and heavy. Boxes that are labeled in this way will be handled with care. Also, if you're looking for your box of china later on, you won't want to accidentally break your china as you struggle to find it.

Choose a Secure Location

Your china is valuable, so the last thing you want to do is store it in a facility that is likely to have your china stolen. Instead, make sure to use a self-storage facility that controls access into and out of the storage unit with a key code. Then, when you enter your storage locker, your padlock provides a second line of defense. There should be security cameras as well that will act as a deterrent and identify intruders. You may also choose a self-storage unit that is only open during business hours so that someone is always there when the self-storage unit is accessible.