Is Your Wife About To Celebrate Her 50th Birthday? 3 Tips To Plan A Party That She'll Never Forget

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Is Your Wife About To Celebrate Her 50th Birthday? 3 Tips To Plan A Party That She'll Never Forget

30 June 2019
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Turning 50 is a huge occasion, and you want your wife to know that she is special. For her 50th, throwing a party with her family and friends helps her to move into the next decade of her life with the understanding that she is truly loved. While you are eager to throw her the party of her dreams, you may have found that planning one is more complicated than you thought. You can use these three foolproof tips to make sure that the party you throw is unforgettable.

Send Out the Invites Early

By the time that you are tossing around 50th birthday ideas for the wife, you may need to be busy sending out the invitations. Since this is a milestone birthday, you may need to invite people from out of town who require time to travel to your party venue. For a normal birthday party, you should send out the invites about two to four weeks in advance. However, you may want to give a heads up to anyone that will have to make a special effort to be there for the big day. This is also a great time to reach out to her close friends and family members to find out if they have 50th birthday ideas for the wife to jumpstart your planning.

Choose a Fun Theme

The theme for your wife's 50th party should be one that reflects her interests yet provides a classy atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. One way to come up with themes is to check out 50th birthday banner ideas. Since the banner can serve as a welcome sign, backdrop, and photo booth prop at once, finding one that fits your wife's sense of style helps to create a perfect party setting. Keep in mind that a theme can be as simple as just certain colors such as black and gold. Alternatively, you could choose a theme based upon the year your wife was born or her interests. For instance, you could center the party theme around a specific genre of music or her favorite vacation destination.

Coordinate the Decorations

Decorating for a party is much easier when you choose sets of decorations that are already color coordinated. For instance, black gold decorations can be used for an Over the Hill party just as easily as they can be for a Movie Star Gala style bash. Keep in mind that balloons are always awesome, but you may also want to include birthday decorations for her 50th that serve a purpose such as plates, napkins, and tablecloths. Using the same colors throughout the party venue helps to create a festive atmosphere.