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Help Others With Their Personal Goals

30 April 2019
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Helping people achieve their personal goals may intrigue you, especially if you have faced numerous trials and tribulations throughout your life and have successfully overcome each of them. Make a career out of aiding those in need by learning how you can become a certified life coach.

A Certificate Is Necessary And A Certification Is Optional

First, anyone who would like to work as a life coach must complete a course and actively help others for a specific number of hours. A certificate is awarded once the specifications have been met. If you merely want to get your foot in the door as a life coach and aren't concerned about your ranking, a certificate will be sufficient proof that will help you acquire some clients.

However, if you plan on making a lucrative career out of being a coach and wish to serve many people with various complex goals, it will be more beneficial for you to receive your certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF). You will still need to acquire your certificate first.

A certification will help you broaden your horizons and anyone who is looking to hire a life coach may be more willing to choose you since they will see how serious you have been about receiving the necessary training and acquiring a specialized certification that sets you above many people who are in the same line of work.

You Can Determine If You Have What It Takes

If you aren't absolutely sure that you would make a good life coach, then maybe it is time to delve further into your personality and the type of help that you will be giving to people. You can take a pre-assessment test to see if your character matches the personality traits that most life coaches possess.

Are you an optimistic and caring person, someone who is willing to listen intently, and able to provide constructive advice? If you choose this line of work, others' needs will come before yours. Your clients could potentially call you in the middle of a dinner or while you are watching a movie or relaxing at home.

If you won't be aggravated by instances like these and are a patient person who is willing to emotionally support your clients, you may make a wonderful addition to the coaching field and should think about getting started in your studies so that you are well on your way to receiving your certificate. Look for places that will help you become a life coach to get started.