Avoiding Common Mistakes When Displaying Original Art

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Avoiding Common Mistakes When Displaying Original Art

29 March 2019
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Buying high-quality works of art to display in your home can be a good investment for creating your ideal interior space. While some individuals will be intimidated when they first start considering buying original works of art, there are some easy ways to make this experience easier to manage.

Invest In A Frame That Will Protect The Art

When individuals first start buying original art, they may assume that the frame is only for aesthetics. However, a high-quality frame can also offer substantial protection for the work of art. For example, it can be possible for a frame to protect the work of art against moisture damage by reducing airflow and incorporating moisture-control materials. Additionally, it can be possible to opt for a type of glass for the frame that will be able to reflect most of the damaging ultraviolet light. If your work of art came with a frame, you may find that upgrading it might still be necessary, as a basic frame will be unable to offer these protections.

Consider Rotating Your Works Of Art

One of the advantages of placing works of art in a room is that you can rapidly change the feel of the room. Unfortunately, many people will fail to take advantage of this, and they may simply plan on leaving the same works of art on display for an indefinite amount of time. By making it a point to rotate new pieces of art into the displays periodically, you can keep the feel of the room fresh while also helping to minimize wear on the works of art. Additionally, this can allow those that plan on building large art collections a strategy for being able to ensure all of these works get displayed for a period. Rotating the works of art when the season changes can be a popular approach, as it will allow for art that matches the season to be displayed.

Avoid Loud Wallpapers Or Colors

The background for the works of art can be another important factor to consider. Displaying works of art on walls that use rich colors or patterned wallpapers, it may distract from the appearance of the artwork. Rather, it is usually preferred to display these works on walls that are neutral colored. While this may require painting these walls, it can be essential for allowing you to maximize the aesthetics of your art collection. Otherwise, you might find that works of art look different on your wall versus when they were in the gallery.

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