Tips For Getting Started Making Your Custom Drapes

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Tips For Getting Started Making Your Custom Drapes

11 January 2019
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Are you looking for the perfect drapes to finish your living space? Sometimes, it's impossible to find exactly what you want without having to go above and beyond to make your own. Here you'll find a few tips that can help you choose the drapery supplies that you'll need to finish your own custom drapes.

Keep the Pattern Simple

When you make drapes, you will have to make sure that the pattern is lined up on all of the panels that you'll be hanging. To make things easier for you, choose fabric that has a basic pattern—or no pattern at all. The more complicated it is for you to match up the pattern, the more hair you'll lose as you attempt to get it done.

Measure 3 Times

Before you place an order for the supplies, make sure that you've measured everything at least three times. Some will tell you to measure twice, but that third attempt is just to verify that you've done all of the math right and that you'll have the materials that you need to get the job done all at once—no waiting for another shipment or running out to the store to get what you've run out of.

Buy Weights for the Drapes

One thing that many people forget when they're just getting started with making drapes is the weights that go in the bottom seam. These weights help to keep the drapes positioned properly and minimize the wrinkles that appear. Make sure that there's a weight in each corner of the panel and a few more along the center.

Follow Safety Standards for Cords

If you plan to include cords in the design, you will need to abide by the safety standards set to prevent accidental hangings and entanglements. The cords should never be left hanging. Install a hook on the wall beside the window to wrap the cord around, or just leave the cord short enough that it doesn't put anyone at risk of becoming entangled in it.

Read all Return Requirements

Before you press that final button to order what you think you'll need, make sure to read through the company's return policy. Some will allow you to return items that are unused without charging you a restocking fee, while others will restrict the types of things that they'll accept or will charge you for the return.

You can end up with the drapes that you've been searching for. Spend some time looking into your options and come up with a plan that will meet your budget and your desires.