Suggestions For Using Rocks In Your Landscape Design

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Suggestions For Using Rocks In Your Landscape Design

3 October 2018
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If you're looking for a way to add color and texture to your yard, you should consider using rocks to make walkways and to line plant beds. Rocks are excellent landscaping aids since they come in so many sizes and colors. Here are some ideas for using rocks on your property. 

Flagstone For Walking Paths

Flagstone is a large, flat stone that makes perfect walking paths. You can embed the stones in concrete for a continuous smooth surface, but you can also place them directly onto the ground to use as stepping stones. Flagstone comes in different earth tones as well as different shapes and sizes, so it has interesting visual appeal. Plus, the smooth surfaces make for safe walking in shoes and comfortable walking with bare feet.

River Rocks For Plant Beds

River rocks add color to flower and plant beds. These rocks are also good as mulch since they prevent evaporation of moisture from the soil. One good thing about using river rocks for mulch is they don't decay and eventually disappear as wood chips do. River rocks are a variety of shapes and colors depending on their origin. You might want all black, smooth rocks for a uniform appearance or you might choose a mixture of jagged red, blue, pink, and tan rocks for more texture and variety.

Pea Pebbles For Ground Cover

If you have areas in your yard that are difficult to mow, you can cover them in colorful rocks. You might want a border of rocks along a fence or around mature trees. Pea pebbles are a good choice for ground cover. The rocks are small, so they have an attractive appearance, and they're easy to walk on. You could place potted plants or flagstone pavers in the pebbles for added interest and cut down on the amount of mowing you need to do in your yard. Just be sure to put landscape fabric down first, so weeds don't push up through the rocks.

Gravel For A Driveway

If you don't have a paved driveway, then putting down gravel will make your parking area more attractive and prevent ruts and muddy areas in your yard. Gravel is a good driveway material because it is inexpensive compared to other options and rain can seep through the rocks, so runoff isn't a problem. You'll need a large quantity of rocks for a driveway, but you can have it delivered to your home for your convenience.

There are many ways to incorporate rocks into your landscape design. It's not only attractive, but it is also a useful material when used for ground cover or mulch. Visit a landscaping center to see the wide variety of rocks available so you can find the perfect color and size you need for your project.