Lease Terms & Volume Are 2 Leading Factors When Renting A Copier

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Lease Terms & Volume Are 2 Leading Factors When Renting A Copier

1 December 2017
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A copier can be a very expensive piece of equipment. If your small business has large copying needs but not a large budget to invest in a copier, you can take care of both of these needs by leasing a copier. This will provide you access to the equipment you need without breaking your budget. When you rent a copier, the lease terms and the volume of paper you need to copy should be the two leading factors that you take into consideration.

#1 Leasing Terms

Generally speaking, when you lease a printer, the longer the initial lease term is, the smaller your monthly payments will be for the lease. When considering how long you want to lease a printer, you need to think about where you will be keeping the printer.

If you will be keeping the printer in a really dusty environment or in an environment where it will be used by a large number of users, a lease term that doesn't exceed two to three years is a good idea. If you are keeping the printer in a clean environment where a limited number of individuals will be using the printer, a longer lease term, anywhere from three to five years, is a smart idea.

You want the printer to stay in good condition throughout the lease terms, so think carefully about how the environment you are putting the printer in will affect the printer's performance.

#2 Volume

Next, you need to think about what type of volume you are going to need. Once you determine the type of volume you need, make sure that the volume is much lower than the duty cycle volume. The duty cycle volume statistic for a printer is designed to let you know how many pieces of paper a printer could print if it was running on a continuous basis without a break. This is not a level that the printer is supposed to be able to sustain.

You don't want your monthly needs to match the duty cycle volume of the machine. The duty cycle volume is not what the machine is designed to sustain long-term. Make sure that the machine you rent is capable of meeting your long-term copying needs.

You want your monthly needs to be within the recommended average monthly print volume number, not the duty cycle volume. The monthly print volume capacity is a much clearer number of what the printer is capable of handling. Contact a rental company, like CopyTex Business Solutions LLC, for more help.