Why Your Golf Course's Sprinkler System Should Feature Timers And Controllers

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Why Your Golf Course's Sprinkler System Should Feature Timers And Controllers

20 November 2017
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As a golf course owner, you have a responsibility to keep your grass and gardens healthy throughout the year. Otherwise, your golfing guests are bound to visit more lush courses that have more eye appeal and offer more comfort than your facility does. Incorporating timers and controllers into your sprinkler system can make the job of caring for your property easy and stress-free. Following are a few good reasons to consider investing in sprinkler timers and controllers:

Save Time and Money

Possibly the best reason to invest in timers and controllers for your golf course's sprinkler system is to save your business both time and money in the coming years. Not only will you relieve employees from the task of watering your grass and gardens to save money on payroll, but you'll save money by optimizing water usage and minimizing waste.

And because your sprinkler systems can be set up to work without human intervention each day, your employees will have more time to focus on other important factors within your golf course business. You may even be able to run your business with fewer employees than you have utilized in the past.

Never Get Guests Wet

Another good reason to incorporate timers and controllers into your golf course's sprinkler system is to avoid inconveniencing guests with wet grass, or worse, accidentally getting them wet when a sprinkler gets turned on. You can program your sprinkler system to turn on at night, when nobody is at the golf course, or in the morning, a couple hours before guests are expected to tee off.

Optimize Foliage Growth

With the help of timers and controllers, your gold course's foliage is sure to be the envy of your community and help set you apart from any competition you may have. You can experiment and determine when the best time of day to water your grass and gardens is, then program your sprinkler system to take care of your foliage automatically and without any serious legwork on your part.

Keep Your Sprinkler System Healthy

Timers and controllers can help keep your overall sprinkler system healthy as time goes on because they help to limit wear and tear over time. These accessories will help ensure that your sprinkler system doesn't get overused and that each element of the system works properly when in use. So you can use your system with peace of mind and confidence!

For these reasons and more, it's important to seriously consider having timers and controllers installed on your golf course. You'll optimize your sprinkler system and keep your golfing guests happy throughout the year. To learn more, contact a company like Turf Control.