Taking Out Your Pressure Washer To Clean The Driveway? A Few Other Tasks You Should Do When You Are Finished

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Taking Out Your Pressure Washer To Clean The Driveway? A Few Other Tasks You Should Do When You Are Finished

26 October 2017
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If you have decided your driveway is in need of a good cleaning, you may have made plans to dig out the pressure washer and take care of it on your next day off. While you have the equipment out and running, take a look around your home and yard. Here are a few other chores you can tackle with your pressure washer.

Grill and Barbecue Equipment

While cooking outside keeps your kitchen clean, it creates a sticky, dirty mess of your grill and barbecue equipment. The grease from any meats splatters and sticks to everything and then any dirt or dust sticks to that. Unless you take the time to degrease and clean each piece as soon as it cools down, it can be quite nasty by the end of the season and need something more than elbow grease to get it clean again. To make a difficult job easy, use your power washer and some degreaser.

Beehives, Wasp Nests, and Spider Webs

Look up under the eaves of the house. A power washer can get rid of bee hives, wasp nests, and spider webs. You may want to spray them with a pesticide first to keep them from swarming out and attacking. However, killing the current occupants will not prevent new tenants from moving in. Use the machine and you won't have to worry about getting up on a ladder with a broom to knock down the insect homes and keep your family from getting stung or bit while playing outside.

Landscaping Equipment

Lawnmowers, weed eaters, edgers, and trimmers get gunked up with leaves, grass, dirt, and even tree sap. Once this debris dries, it can become very difficult to remove. It can also be dangerous to pull off if it is stuck to a blade. However, a pressure washer can get everything clean and working without you having to risk losing a finger.


Cleaning out the rain gutters is important to the stability of your foundation. If they are full, instead of diverting the water from the base of your home, it will all just cascade over the gutters and right to the area you are trying to keep it from. Use your power washer to quickly clear them out.

If you have all these chores to do, it might take more than a single day to finish them all. However, with a power washer, they will be done much quicker than if you were to do them by hand. So get as much of your cleaning done as possible while you have the machine out.