Six Things You Will Need If You Plan On Taking The Kids On A Road-Trip This Fall

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Six Things You Will Need If You Plan On Taking The Kids On A Road-Trip This Fall

15 August 2017
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Planning on a road-trip this summer? A long-ride is an excellent idea for fall when the leaves are changing color and foliage is in full-bloom. But what about when kids become bored during miles of highway?

Six things to bring when taking your kids on a road-trip are:

1.A travel-tray. The first thing that you will need for your road-trip are some kids' travel trays; these will keep items, snacks, and belongings in place during the ride, and off your car's floor. These also provide an adequate workspace for kids that want to draw, craft, or do puzzles along the way. A tray also can prevent spillage of food or drink during your journey.

2.Some dollar-store goodies. Before heading out, make a quick trip to a local dollar or discount store to find lots of cheap goodies to stash in your vehicle. These can be the perfect distraction when kids get tired, cranky, or the road becomes long. Consider things like glitter pens, plush toys, and puzzles for a few great road-trip items.

3.Art stuff. Art stuff is the perfect way to entertain and amuse children on a long car-ride. Invest in small tablets, pens, markets, and even watercolor paint palettes for the trip. Also, pick up small crafting kits to give kids something to focus on when you are working your way to your destination.

4.Sensible snacks. Pack plenty of snacks and water to avoid impromptu stops along the way. Snacks can get expensive on the road, so pack a cooler with things that kids like, such as fruit, nuts, gummy-treats, and small bottles of water. This also can nourish children and avoid the sugar-high that gas-station snacks and sweets can unleash.

5.A techy-device with apps. Make sure to charge your phone and devices fully, and download any apps before heading out on your trip. These are another great way to occupy kids who are tired of being in the vehicle.

6.Plenty of patience. Remember that traveling with children requires patience. This is supposed to be fun, so try to adopt a vacation mentality. Look at the humor in situations that could be frustrating, and you will create funny memories to reflect on later.

Enjoy your road-trip and give the kids something to do that will occupy them during long stretches. Stock-up on goodies and check out travel-trays to keep items from ending up on the floor of your vehicle. Remember that these are the times that kids will cherish later, so plan on using patience and enjoying the small moments that create lasting family memories. 

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