How A Strike Staffing Company Keeps Your Company Going During A Walkout

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How A Strike Staffing Company Keeps Your Company Going During A Walkout

12 August 2017
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When the threat of a strike is looming, your company needs to implement a plan for replacing workers before they walk off the job. Strikes happen in all kinds of businesses, large and small. When workers walk off the job, it could be enough to make a smaller company go under and a larger one suffer a huge financial loss if the workers can't be replaced quickly. The solution is to bring in workers through a strike staffing company. Here's how they can help.

Skilled Workers On Demand

A strike staffing company is prepared to fill skilled jobs. Some may specialize in certain areas such as nursing, teaching, or factory jobs, while others can supply workers in about any field you need. The replacement staff is pulled from around the country, so you don't have to rely on finding enough local workers to fill specialized jobs on short notice.

Security Concerns Are Handled

A strike staffing company is ready to handle security if necessary so the workers can gain access to the building and go to work. They understand the emotional climate surrounding striking workers and make sure the work at your company goes on in a peaceful manner as seamlessly as possible. They keep your building and the temporary workers safe while the strike continues. Bringing in outside workers also takes the risk away from locals crossing the picket line and causing problems in the community.

A Plan Is Put In Place

Ideally, you'll have a plan in place for dealing with a strike. If you don't, you should contact a strike staffing company at the first indication a strike might occur so there is time to come up with and implement a plan. A workforce can be gathered in advance and waiting for the call to work so there is no or very little downtime in your operations. To move this fast, there has to be some preplanning concerning the type and amount of workers you need as well as the security issues they'll face. The workers are generally considered employees of the strike staffing company so there is no hurdle to get over with hiring and insurance paperwork, These details are handled by the agency, which makes the workers ready to go when called.

A labor strike is a very stressful situation for your company and your employees. You can avoid adding to that stress by having a plan to replace the striking employees so work can go on as usual. If there is a possibility of a strike or even if the walkout takes you by surprise, turn to a strike staffing agency that specializes in providing a quick response with skilled workers to an emotionally charged scene.