Three Employee Award Ideas To Instantly Recognize A Job Done Well

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Three Employee Award Ideas To Instantly Recognize A Job Done Well

5 August 2017
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Rewarding employees who do a great job is one way to boost morale in your business, but you don't have to wait until it's time to announce the employee of the month to reward someone for a job well done. In fact, providing instant recognition for someone you see doing something amazing is a great way get people motivated each day. Here are a few employee awards to consider when you "catch" someone doing something right.

Candy Gifts

You can order candy bars, tins of mints, and other small candy treats with your company name or logo printed on them. These tiny snacks offer a fun way to recognize outstanding employees, and they can also be carried around relatively easily as you walk through the office. Consider having a message of thanks printed on the candy labels, or simply purchase candy in bulk at your local warehouse club. No matter which option you choose, you're giving your staff a sweet way to say thanks.

Thank-You Cards

It may sound simple, but a handwritten thank-you card offers a touching way to recognize your staff. Taking the time to write out what you saw and why it's a good way to do business can give your employees a feeling of pride, and the card is something that can be brought home to show off to friends and family. Be sure that you are the one who writes and signs these cards, as the personal touch is important. You can have custom cards printed for employee recognition, so you can simply sign your name if you don't have the time to write a long message.

Small Trophies

You don't have to wait until an awards banquet to hand out trophies in your office. Consider purchasing small plastic trophies you can hand out each day. Because you want to recognize your employees right away, you won't be able to have these tiny trophies engraved, so consider printing out labels with each employee's name on them, and place the appropriate label on each trophy before you give them away. This small gesture gives your staff members something to put on their desks with pride, and it gives you a way to thank your employees. You might even find them holding contests to see who has the most mini trophies on their desks.

The key to instant recognition is choosing awards you can give to your employees right away. Use these ideas to inspire you, and come up with the reward options that make the most sense for your staff.