4 Things You Should Know About Hiring Construction Workers On A Temporary Basis

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4 Things You Should Know About Hiring Construction Workers On A Temporary Basis

3 August 2017
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Owners of small businesses might employ anywhere from 1 to 50 workers, or they can be operated by the sole proprietor. Contractors frequently hire other skilled professionals to help them complete jobs and projects when they need some help. If you contract with construction workers for hire temporarily you will only need to pay them for the hours that they work. There won't be any claims for unemployment or paid time off, which is something small business owners greatly enjoy. These next four facts about contracting with construction workers for hire on a temporary basis will ready you for signing big contracts for long-term projects.

1. Signed Contracts Are Necessary - Once you get your crew of constructions for hire together and give them a rundown of the project they will be assigned to work on, they will each need to sign a contract that states your company's guaranteed terms of payment. In essence, these contracts are meant to protect your temporary construction workers as well as keep your business out of legal hot water. You don't want a temporary worker claiming that you failed to pay him as agreed.

2. Good Temporary Workers Are Hard to Retain - Some jobs you require help on will take days to complete while other temporary assignments can go on indefinitely. All the while, you will find that some of your best workers will not show up as expected, so be ready to look for replacement construction workers for hire regularly. Consider it to be a normal part of the industry that can cause unexpected delays.

3. You're Responsible for Anyone Who Subcontracts Under You - When you are on a construction site you have to ensure that you complete the job that you have been hired to do regardless of factors that are out of your control. The construction workers for hire that you have elected to assist you should be screened for drug usage and their backgrounds should also be cleared, especially if you will be working on government property or will be around expensive equipment.

4. Don't Confuse Temporary Subcontractors for Employees - You might have construction workers for hire working under you and pay their wages faithfully, but they aren't your employees. Although you can still be held liable for injuries caused to temporary construction workers for hire while they are on a construction site, your business insurance costs and federal tax liabilities will be lower overall. When you have temporary workers who contract with you, your business can confidently enter into contracts with businesses for construction jobs knowing that you can meet their deadlines.