3 Items Tubular Shipping Containers Can Be Used To Ship In Your Online Sales Business

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3 Items Tubular Shipping Containers Can Be Used To Ship In Your Online Sales Business

3 August 2017
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With it being so easy to build your own online store and create an ecommerce site, many entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon and starting up their own small retail business. Even though you will not have to have a physical storefront, you will still have to put a lot of effort into giving your buyers a pleasing experience, which has a great deal to do with shipping and handling of their purchased items. While you may order a boatload of traditional boxes, there is one other shipping supply to keep in stock for sending out orders and that is shipping tubes. Take a look at three types of items tubular shipping containers can be used for with your online retail business. 

Large Paper Items 

Perhaps the most common use for tubular shipping containers is for shipping paper items, especially those that are larger in stature. When you are sending out an item that you do not want to bend, wrinkle, or crease, rolling them up and sliding them into a tube is the best option. A few examples of larger paper products that you may be dealing with in your retail business include: 

  • posters 
  • poster-sized photographic prints
  • artwork 
  • certificates 

Elongated Tools 

When you are operating a business that involves shipping bought items from your home, it will be incredibly important to be able to ship oddly shaped items without the need for large containers to hold them. Shipping tubes are fairly compact in size, but work well for shipping elongated tools that would otherwise not fit well in regular shipping boxes. Additionally, using tubes to ship elongated items will keep the costs of filler material low because you will not have so much wasted space in a shipping package. A few examples of elongated tools include things like screwdrivers, wrenches, and other hardware. 

Delicate Electronics

Some forms of electronics cannot be bent or manipulated to fit into a regular box, such as wiring harnesses or light fixtures and bulbs. Plus, these items often need extra protection during shipping to prevent breaking. Shipping tubes give you just the right type of container for these items. Plus, if need be, shipping tubes can be slipped into an elongated box for an added level of security holding during transit, which is especially useful for things like long fluorescent light bulbs or LED light bars that have bulbs that are easy to damage. 

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