Four Receptionist Desk Features You Want

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Four Receptionist Desk Features You Want

28 July 2017
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Many offices, especially those that run a heavy client based business, will have receptionist desks at the forefront of their office. It's here where clients are greeted, guests are directed to the right location within the office, important and regularly used documents are held, and phone calls are answered. Obviously, this is an important area that needs to work for both the client and the employee or employees you have working here. For this reason, receptionist desk design is an important thing to keep in mind when laying out your office. Here are four features you want to consider for your receptionist desks:

  1. Tiered Desk: First off, you should consider a tiered desk. This is going to make it easier for the computer and phone cables to be stored out of the way giving more room for paperwork and a keyboard and mouse for the computer. This is not only going to make your receptionist's job a whole lot easier, but it will also make the office space appear much less cluttered, as well. 
  2. Technology Ports: Technology is heavily used in businesses nowadays, so why not have a desk equipped to handle it? Modern desks can be found to have technology ports so that cords do not have to touch the floor at all to be dragged to the outlet. Your receptionist can also use these ports to charge his or her cell phone, which is especially handy if their cell phone is a work phone and strictly used for the business. You can even do away with the basic desktop computer and have a laptop instead that can also be plugged into these technology ports. 
  3. Adjustable Height: Most likely, you only have one person working at the receptionist desk, so you want to ensure that their needs for their body type and personal preference is met so that they have better work production. A receptionist desk that has an adjustable height is a great way to cater to this and can continue to be used even if there is ever a new receptionist brought on board. 
  4. Raised Counter Space: Finally, you want their to be raised counter space since you may have clients leaving notes, writing out checks, or filing out paperwork. The raised counter space will give them a comfortable position for them to do this. Just be sure that the counter space is wide enough for your business needs. For example, if you don't have clients who fill out lengthy forms, then a thinner counter space is nicer to reduce the amount of space it takes up in the office. 

When you look for these four features, you can choose a receptionist desk that is modern and provides for the business, your receptionist, and your client.